Not being of English origin I can’t help but wonder exactly what it would mean should Scotland become an independent country. I understand that because both England and Scotland are members of the European Union there would be no real issue regarding crossing borders. Travellers from what had formerly been the union of Scotland and England would probably see no real change in going back and forth.

However, what would it mean for those of us with American passports? Would Scotland become a member of Schengen, and thus only allow Americans, and the likes to stay for three month intervals, and then be required to stay out of the country for three months? Or would it stick with the United Kingdom rules and allow visitors in for six month periods? I would initially expect the later to become a realization.

Being of another nationality, an uninvolved in the potential break it saddens me. I am not great with change, and imagine for those involved this could mean many different things. Surely, some good and some bad. I suspect only time can answer such questions.

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