One of the real pleasures of life is to travel to exotic places. Travel provides you with memories long after you have returned home.  While the pictures you may retain in your mind may be vivid it is always good to have a photographic reminder of the things you have seen. You may also like to paint some of your favourites.  You may even go further; you may actually travel to paint and spend some relaxing hours in the sun capturing the view that is in front of you.

Landscapes are fairly straightforward; you can do them while you are away on holiday or paint from a photograph when you get home. If your real love is wildlife you will need the good fortune to catch a shot on your camera and use that image. Very few animals will sit and pose. It does not detract from your holiday the fact that you do your painting when you return.


You may decide that you like to travel independently with a view to painting something that just catches your eye while you are there. In contrast you may decide to join an organised painting group with or without tuition.

It sometimes helps to join a group and get other people’s perspective on a chosen subject. You will not only get ideas from others but if there is a group leader offering advice as well, all the better.


Specialist art supplies can be bought from companies like You don’t need to carry a huge number of things in your holiday luggage in order to be able to paint. There are many intense colours that you can buy already mixed and available for use.

If you usually paint in oils there is the issue of the time it takes for oils to fully dry and you will need to bear that in mind when you re painting. Holidays come to an end and you must be in a position to pack your work for the return journey without it being damaged.


Once you have been on a painting holiday you may decide that you want to do so regularly. There are so many places to go and things to see that provide a challenge.  Everyone can think of famous landmarks to see but simply painting your own version of something that has been photographed and painted innumerable times may not give you any artistic satisfaction. It is so much better to travel with an open mind and spend a little time looking around for ideas. If you are in a group the preparatory work is likely to have been done already. Otherwise it will be up to you from start to finish.

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