Wherever you choose to go on vacation there are luxury all inclusive family holidays available in many exotic overseas destinations. There are also plenty of self-catering holidays available in the UK, so you can still experience luxury with the family if your budget is limited.

A luxury holiday offers the chance to escape from normality and experience amazing facilities, food and service. The destination can sometimes come second to the facilities and services offered; however, if you are taking the family the destination is likely to be just as important. Doing a little research online can help you find vacation ideas in the Caribbean, Australia, Japan… just about anywhere in the world you want to go. While these destinations still offer luxury for the whole family, you do not have to travel beyond Europe if you are looking for opulence, as Greece has always been a top destination for families while Spain and Italy continue to attract millions of tourists every year. Family skiing holidays in Austria, Switzerland and France are also popular these days.

In the UK, cottages and apartments in popular holiday destinations such as Devon and Cornwall continue to provide travellers with everything they need for a relaxing vacation.

All inclusive or self catering?

Whether you are travelling to Europe or somewhere further afield, accommodation is likely to be on an all inclusive basis. This means that all food and most beverages are included in the price of your holiday and the majority of the costs of your trip are paid in advance. If you have a family, particularly younger children who can be fussy eaters, all inclusive dining is perfect.

If you choose to self-cater in the UK, the luxury will be found in your accommodation, which is likely to be well appointed with excellent facilities for preparing and cooking your own food. Many such places will provide a starter box of groceries for your arrival and most include a barbecue for cooking outdoors.


Overseas accommodation that maintains a high standard of luxury whilst appealing to young families will usually provide on-site entertainment such as kids’ clubs and organised sports and activities. They may also have facilities to look after your children.

Owners of luxurious self-catering accommodation for families generally provide a large number of indoor and outdoor toys to entertain the children and they also provide much of the equipment and facilities needed by parents.

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