The talent base and other attractive factors in Oxford have led to a rapidly evolving creative corporate cluster – start-ups in technology, design and digital are increasingly visible in the city. Which is why your website needs to stand out. Oxford is one of the UK’s creative hotspots, according to Nesta, the innovation charity. A creative website will not only make your company more visible but will increase your reputation in the city. Here’s the detail on why a quality website matters for Oxford businesses.

1. Design Accelerates Brand

In the old days, branding meant designing a clever logo and using it everywhere. But now, brand is all about experience. Brand is attached to the feeling you get when you use a product or a service – if the customer is not experiencing something positive, the brand suffers. A well-designed website helps to build a brand – and it’s not just about logos and using the right colours (although this helps.) Subtle and effective branding through design is achieved by setting the tone of the website, targeting it to the audience, and making it easy to navigate and enjoy.

2. Good Design is Associated with Quality

While some websites like Craigslist do not feature great design but are highly effective in any case, most times users associate good design with quality. A website that is clearly well-designed means the company has invested time and money into its creation, which means that their products should also be well-designed and good quality. The company must put a lot of thought into the customer experience, too – or so the idea goes. If your website, on the other hand, is poorly designed, quickly put together or lacking cohesion, the customer sees the whole company as less professional and less trustworthy.

3. Effective Design Improves Functionality

Design is hugely important not for its look, but for how well it works. A website is something you use. And it needs to be useful – good design takes users through the website in a logical way, stopping them when there is a reason for stopping, moving them on when it’s time. Good design makes it easy for a customer to find what they are looking for and therefore they are more likely to buy. Poor design turns people away. Similarly, if the design is all about appearance and it overpowers the functionality of the site, people will quickly get tired of looking at the pretty pictures.

4. Design Builds Your Capabilities

Oxford businesses need to be able to compete not just in the city itself but on a country-wide and even global scale, particularly if there is an online store involved. To make the most of effective web design Oxford businesses need to think big and learn how the design of their website will be used on different devices, different browsers, and different concepts. When thinking about effective web design, make sure that you tailor to your audience as well as make a website that is inspiring and entertaining for the target market.

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