E-books started out as something only the wealthy could afford. From afar the rest of us wondered what they were capable of, and what it felt like to use one. Many people were, and are unable to bring themselves to let go of tangible books, but thankfully, because they are now more widely available we have a choice. They are no longer strange contraptions that tried to replicate a book on some levels, but differentiate themselves on others.

What made me a believer, and an e-book owner, was the following. Having worn glasses for the last fifteen years, I am all too familiar with the text in regular books becoming smaller and smaller. I can change the size of the text in my e-book as I please. No need to search for books with large fonts, or miss out on those that are not.

It also has a backlight, so when I want to continue reading but my spouse needs to settle in for the night I can. This has proven to be exceptionally helpful. It has made the difference between me taking months to finish a great book to completing it in the same month I start it.

Mostly, I enjoy being able to listen to books, with the text to speech function. On long journeys, I get motion sickness if I read. Now, I can be read to the whole way. Stupendous invention, and I still spend time with my tangible books too. Best of both worlds is how I see it.

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