I just had to expand upon my last gadgets blog, as the more time I spend with my e-book, the more I enjoy it. When I purchased my e-book I did so for a few basic reasons, which were discussed last time. However, there have been certain perks that I did not have to pay extra for that I have found truly advantageous.

Of those wonderful additions falls the ability to look up words I am not familiar with, or those I am semi familiar with but want to truly know their meaning. The e-book has the facility to access an on-board dictionary, and hence provide me with a definition upon request. In an instant I am educated.

Also worth an honourable mention is the music it plays. At first I viewed this as another one of those attempts for one technical gadget to be all encompassing. And I am not there yet. But, I gave it a go, and absolutely loved it. From what I hear and read, this is one arena that is expected to be improved and expanded. Hard for me to visualize an upgrade, because I like it as is, but I don’t mind being proven wrong.

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