The world is a changing place, and the only way for us to thrive in such an environment is though clarity. It is clear to me that to be the person I want to be I must be on the ball, and make good decisions on a daily basis. For this to occur, I have to do a lot of legwork, investigating, sampling, and compile my findings to build and foster my world. Having that said, I also believe that we must be active participants of making our planet and the lives of those who reside on it better too. I have chosen to share what I learn in my quest to obtain the very best answers to the questions that arise regularly as my way of giving back to the larger community. It seems only natural to communicate this knowledge to others who are seeking the same. So please accept all of the information I impart on gadgets, home, fashion and travel as a present. I only ask that you pass it on to those you encounter looking for the same material.