The old saying that a man’s home is his castle is as true today as at any time in the past. Owning a home is a lifetime dream for most and once people achieve this dream of home ownership, most want to take any steps they can to make their home a beautiful place to be. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to do this, from choosing great […]

Not knowing what to do when an accident occurs is perfectly normal. Few people live their lives in readiness of disaster, but planning for the worst should not be regarded as a form of compulsive behaviour or paranoia. Contingency measures often prove invaluable in times of emergency, so at least some thought should be given to accidents. Injury Most accidents occur at home, in the workplace or on the road. […]

Finding the time to fit a in a visit to the gym can be difficult for many of us who lead busy lives. Working hours, a long commute and child caring commitments can make it impossible to maintain a regular gym or exercise class schedule. We all know the importance of exercise in our lives. It helps us stay fit, healthy, cope with stress and maintain an ideal weight. If […]

Rules implemented last year require divorcing couples to enter arbitration before heading to court, but solicitors have expressed concern that the guidelines are not being followed. As government cuts to legal aid threaten to deprive many prospective litigants of access to justice, some people are electing to represent themselves in the courtroom to save money. DIY divorces may be popular in some parts of England, but finding an affordable family […]

Today’s models, including many of the huge range of conservatories at Argos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Your choice ultimately depends on the purpose for which you wish to use your conservatory and, of course, your budget. You may wish to use your conservatory as a dining room, office or playroom, but in any case you’ll need to calculate the space required. For a dining room […]

As a homeowner, my ears always perk up when I hear tales of woe involving squatters. Surely, you’ve heard unbelievable stories involving what sounds like the most ridiculous ways adverse possession can be claimed. Lately, it seems like the rumours are getting more outrageous by the minute. I for one wish things were made clear on this subject by the government. Most of us worked long and hard for years […]

One of the looks of the Spring season that I see as a must have is being touted as Modern Romance. What precisely does that entail? Glad you asked. It takes the classic feminine details such as lace, ruffles and peplums and combines them with more dramatic styles in one garment. The favoured dramatic styles being geometric and body skimming. Now that you’ve got a picture in your mind of […]

Of all the materials available for DIY projects, there is one in particular that I find myself most impressed with recently. That would be none other than wall stickers and they stand out for several reasons. Ironically, though I can bring myself to sing their praises, as of yet I have been unable to decide up which design to put in my own dinning room. I was first introduced to […]

Not being of English origin I can’t help but wonder exactly what it would mean should Scotland become an independent country. I understand that because both England and Scotland are members of the European Union there would be no real issue regarding crossing borders. Travellers from what had formerly been the union of Scotland and England would probably see no real change in going back and forth. However, what would […]

They are calling them bright day dresses, and they are exactly what you think, loud. To quote a source, they are colours that look as if they were plucked directly from a crayon box. Beyond being true red, yellow, green and blue they are flowy in nature and design. They are plain, with little to no embellishments. So exclude ruffles, braided edges, gathers. Instead, opt for soft pleats, and drapey […]