National Geographic Traveller Magazine named Kerala as one of the ten paradises of the world so little wonder it is an extremely popular tourist destination. Kerala, known as ‘God’s own country’ is a state which stretches along the south west coast of India and is blessed with beautiful backwaters, palm fringed beaches, vast swathes of green fertile land and hill stations growing tea and spices and wonderful villages. Add to […]

‘Urban Fashion’ is a loosely defined term. Perhaps Devon Griffith defined the style best when he commented that: “Street wear is youth – it’s a retro 80s look inspired by the sneaker culture and hipsters on New York’s Lower East Side.” Griffith, who works for the Fashion giant Massive Revolution posited that the ‘the dark denim, baggy clothing and white sneakers’ which define urban fashion all come from the inner-city […]

In order to manage debt effectively it is important to understand the reasons why the problem has arisen. It could be that an uncontrollable life event such as losing a job has been the cause. Through no fault of their own, people suddenly find themselves unable to pay the mortgage and household bills. On the other hand, emotional spending on unnecessary items in order to feel good is also a […]

Fashion trends change so rapidly these days that it is hard to keep up with what is a suitable now look and what is so last week. For spring and summer, a very feminine and retro look is in. Skinny pants, ruffles, polka dots and animal prints dominate. Sheer and opaque fabrics are everywhere, with layer upon layer of ruffles. The fashionable colour of the moment is magenta, which suits […]

Tough times mean tough measures. But when the furniture needs replacing there is no way around it, unless kidding yourself that stains, springs and holes represent a weathered vintage look, appeals to you. Perhaps justifiably, good home furnishings have a pricey rep, but there are simple ways to find quality living room furniture for less. Haggle Swallow your pride, adopt a stern expression and proceed to haggle. The ancient act […]

It used to be that home theaters were only for the rich and famous people, who had the space and the money to fill their houses with expensive gadgets and the latest electronic toys in dedicated leisure rooms. But all that has changed as exciting advances in technology and design have revolutionized the home entertainment market. Now home theaters are available to suit every budget and designed to fit into […]

Although summer is nearly in full swing it is still worth considering spring into autumn with the on trend looks of the season that will inspire and amaze you. There is a variety of prints, cuts and materials to suit everyone, you just need to choose and decide what is best for your figure and budget and then go out and get it. For autumn, think bracing walks through the […]

Household chemicals, sponges and elbow grease are sufficient to remove most stains in a home. But the removal of heavy staining caused by oil, rusting metals or the remnants of cement needs a powerful machine. Such stains on hardwood floors, stone or tiled floors and pathways, as well as brick walls and windows, can only be removed with various industrial cleaning equipment appliances. Scrubber driers were developed for use in […]

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when they take on a home renovation project is that they fail to plan properly. When you don’t have a plan on something as large and costly as a home renovation project that is when you make mistakes such as not buying sufficient wallpaper or paint to finish the job. Very often when the person returns to where they bought their decorating […]

On the back of a global recession, carrying out home improvements has taken on added importance. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home ahead of a sale or simply looking to improve the property as you plan to stay put, completing major home improvements to a kitchen or bathroom can add value and make the property a more attractive proposition should it be sold. How can refitting […]