The tranquil Italian region of Tuscany remains one of the most beautiful parts of the country and is renowned throughout the world for its history and artistic supremacy. Home to approximately 3.7 million people, Tuscany is situated in the North West of Italy and runs alongside the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is part of the warm Mediterranean Sea. Whilst some tourists in the area use Tuscany as a base to visit […]

For many homeowners aged 55 or over, the question of financing the future often weighs heavily on their minds. Many homeowners of this generation have much of their wealth tied up in their homes, rather than in cash or other more liquid assets, as houses have grown greatly in price over the past few decades. Some will look up more about age partnership and equity release online and others will […]

Fashion isn’t just left to the adults nowadays as kids everywhere get in on the act, with their own fashion lines that mirror mainstream adult trends on the catwalk, whilst providing cute details, quirky fun designs and greater functionality. The look is very much about having fun and enjoying fashion – and increasingly for older children, expressing personality. This winter, vibrant colours are a key look – reflecting the trend […]

Art is one of the reasons human beings are the dominant species we are. We evolved to such a standard that we began to question our existence on this planet. This questioning led to not only some of the greatest scientific discoveries ever made but the greatest works of art. Our aesthetic sensibilities are heightened to such an extent that we decorate the homes we live in. Interior design has […]

Doors are the hallmarks of any home and they set the style of the external and internal decor. Of course, they also keep out the weather and are an important element in home security. It’s important to choose doors carefully and fit them properly as they are the first impression anyone has of the house. When you try out these internal doors you will know at once if you have […]

Finding a fashion bargain used to mean trawling the High Street for hours and being jostled in order to grab that must have sale item.. Traipsing from shop to shop to compare prices is both time consuming and physically and mentally exhausting and does not guarantee a bargain by the end of the day. Nowadays, however, you can do all your bargain hunting at the click of a mouse. The […]

Wherever you choose to go on vacation there are luxury all inclusive family holidays available in many exotic overseas destinations. There are also plenty of self-catering holidays available in the UK, so you can still experience luxury with the family if your budget is limited. A luxury holiday offers the chance to escape from normality and experience amazing facilities, food and service. The destination can sometimes come second to the […]

Unless you have an unlimited budget and lots of patience, it is very rare to find your dream home. Most people settle for as near as they can find, before undertaking expensive and difficult renovations to bring the home they have into line with the home they want. Renovating a home can be messy, time consuming and very costly and does not guarantee that the final result will be everything […]

There has always been a connection between artists and fashion, but especially in the area of designing street wear and trainers. This strong connection stems back to the early days of hip hop and graffiti, where trainers were very much a statement of the culture and in-line skaters began to customise their footwear. By the beginning of the 21st century, the big brands and manufacturers had recognised that it was […]

In this ever-changing world it can be hard to keep up with interior design styles as they come and go so fast. Sometimes it’s better to step off the treadmill and simply follow your heart to create your own cosy sitting room complete with chintz curtains and a Laura Ashley sofa with big squashy cushions that you can fall into. Fashions may come and go, but you are going to […]