Bayerische Motoren Werke, or “Bavarian Motor Works”, is a German producer of performance and high-end cars and motorbikes. The world knows the company more widely as BMW, and the company’s motto “Sheer Driving Pleasure”, reflects the BMW outlook on motoring. The company was created in 1916, and they soon had to stop production of aircraft engines under the terms of Versailles. From then on they focussed on motorcycles and cars. […]

We all have plenty of fond memories of school. And one great way to relive these memories is by receiving a memento – a keepsake, if you will, that will remind us of the ‘good old days’. If you have been assigned to look for the ideal souvenir for school leavers hoodies, then you should know how to choose the best one for your school’s needs. Being in charge of […]

If you have ever been on a party bus experience, you will know that it is a unique thing. It also affords a good business opportunity if it is set up in the right geographical area and well thought out. As with any new business, it requires some forethought and planning, but it is a very rewarding venture that will bring a smile to many customers’ faces. What Is A […]

Despite its relatively small size, Scotland is home to a vast array of tourist hotspots. Combining fascinating ancient history, rugged, rolling landscapes and sparkling lochs with friendly towns and welcoming cities, the land of the tartan offers so much as a holiday destination. Although the weather might often be on the cool side, that rosy glint on the cheeks is worth it to experience the very best that Scotland has […]

The UEFA Champions League also called simply the Champions League is a yearly mainland football club rivalry which is assembled by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). It is a stands out as the most recognised competition in the realm of football and it is the most prestigious club competition in European Football, played by the national league champion of every UEFA national affiliation. The Champions League was initially […]

Speed dating isn’t about trying out all the worn out pick-up lines in your playbook. It’s not a night out at the bar, chatting up girls hoping to get lucky. What it is, is a way for you to meet a variety of different women, all at the same time. You will never get that kind of odds out there in the wild searching for a date, that’s for sure. […]

With the upcoming 2014 FA Cup Final at Wembley featuring Hull City, Hull will be drained of its footy fans come mid-May. According to the Hull Daily Mail 25,000 tickets are on sale for the exciting May 17 final against Arsenal. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this will leave Hull quiet as there’s so much to do in this bustling metropolis – especially for the ladies. Here’s a list […]

Jewellery making has become a popular hobby, partly because jewellery making supplies have become more widely available. It’s a great way to make gifts for kids, because the design possibilities are all but endless. You can allow your creativity to run wild and create jewellery of any kind: from fancy to funky. Even more, some people out there have turned this into their own small business and they have become […]

According to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, around 50% of people aged 60 and over live alone, whether through choice or as a result of divorce or the death of a partner. Loneliness is often cited as the biggest worry for the older single person, with personal safety not far behind. Join Special Interest Groups It’s a bit of a cliché to urge single people to join a […]

The media often highlights the poverty and struggles that are an everyday occurrence in many countries and it is sometimes easy to put this to the back of your mind and hope that somebody else will have the kindness and thoughtfulness to deal with it themselves. However, for many individuals such as yourself, it may be at that moment that you decide that you would like to do something to […]