Of all the materials available for DIY projects, there is one in particular that I find myself most impressed with recently. That would be none other than wall stickers and they stand out for several reasons. Ironically, though I can bring myself to sing their praises, as of yet I have been unable to decide up which design to put in my own dinning room.

I was first introduced to these removable wall decals when I was invited to a family dinner at my aunt’s house. She is literally renowned for her style, and has even had her home featured in a national home décor magazine. To say that she sets the bar for DIY projects high would be a rather bold understatement.

Many would be tempted to simply copy her handiwork by choosing precisely the same winter tree wall decal that she has put up. That’s fine and dandy for just about anybody else but since she visits my house at least a dozen times a year I think something else would be better. Trouble is I am fond of quite a few of the options, am left undecided and it is she whom I would normally go to for tips on decorating my dwelling. Looks like the only answer is to purchase a couple and see which works best in the space. Certainly, it would be easier to ask for her opinion, but I want to surprise her as I know she will be flattered that I replicated her wall.

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