Style is a very personal thing, but I am eager to share what decorating technique I am drawn to, and explain why. I appreciate dramatic flair, I believe that there should be an element of wow in every room of one’s home. I accomplish this by blending intense wall colours, antique and modern furnishings and natural accent pieces.

If you have your bold statement on the wall, then you can use furnishings that are less outspoken. For example, in the bedroom I have painted the wall a very deep ocean blue, and the crown molding is in a lighter variation of the blue. It is fascinating and beautiful, as I constantly receive heartfelt compliments on it. Having that as the feature, I can then follow up with a mix of furniture styles which means some can be quite inexpensive, and others more so.

To finish things off, I add in natural textures, such as linen throw pillows with reflective crystals, pictures matted with madras, and a rattan rug. This fusion has worked repeatedly, and worked well. Why not give it a go yourself?

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