It used to be that homes would have libraries, or studies, or even home offices. Though some are lucky to still have such a space, many must go without. Aside from those being an area to conduct business, they additionally provided a designated area to read. I do not have any such allocated space, and thus have investigated how to create a zone of my own to tuck into a book without being disturbed, but while also being comfortable.

My findings revealed this, the bedroom when equipped properly is a great reading “room”. First of all, if you, like I am are limited to reading in the bed itself, the headboard must be plush. I recommend a fabric covered / upholstered headboard. This will save you from trying to build up a pillow wall behind you, and wasting time attempting to get comfy. Secondly, attach your lighting to the wall so you have personal and direct access to your light source. By using wall lamps, instead of those on a side table you leave more room to place your books. And books are what this is all about.

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