The housing market needed a bit of help to get going. There was no problem in London with foreign investors happy to use their assets to snap up high value property knowing that prices would rise again. For the ordinary home owner or someone wishing to buy, there was little correlation between that investment and their own circumstances. What did get the market moving from the bottom upwards was the Government ‘Help to Buy’ scheme which effectively allowed those first time buyers with a 5% deposit to get a further 20% help from the Government so that their application for a mortgage was looking for only 75% of the current value. That reduced the exposure of financial institutions that were extremely cautious after the recession. That provided the impetus needed and suddenly the market was on the move again.

Growing Confidence

Consumer confidence grew with job security and the result was reflected in both families looking to move up the ladder to somewhere bigger and an increase in home improvements for those that were happy where they were but wanted to invest in their property.

Often people looked at their doors and windows; energy efficiency is important to anyone buying a house and the result is that such an investment will add to its attractiveness and logically its value. This is corroborated by the experts at Sound Renovation, who confirm that “Replacing inefficient windows in your home or business can be a great way to update the appearance and improve energy use when heating and cooling the structure.” With winter approaching it is a sensible thing to look at now and companies such as are geared to manufacture and supply energy-efficient products that will help.
‘Help to Buy’

While the housing market has cooled a little, it was to be expected. The ‘Help to Buy’ scheme has been extended. This time it is in the form of certain tax exemptions for the construction industry building brand new starter homes for first time buyers.These tax exemptions can be summed with a free tax calculator online. It will mean that those homes can be offered at 20% below current market value. The acknowledged national housing shortage can be reduced as a result.


It will still have a positive impact on the whole of the market; that support at the lower level in the market will continue to be a factor. With interest rates still at an historic low there can rarely have been a better time to borrow money for home improvements or indeed to move house.
Any work will certainly add value to the house and, in the case of those looking to move, make it a more attractive proposition. There is no doubt that using modern UPVC when replacing tired windows adds value to a house. It is durable and virtually maintenance free but more importantly when coming from a quality supplier and fitted properly, UPVC windows provide a seal to keep that expensive heat in and the cold out. Draughts will be a thing of the past.

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