In this ever-changing world it can be hard to keep up with interior design styles as they come and go so fast. Sometimes it’s better to step off the treadmill and simply follow your heart to create your own cosy sitting room complete with chintz curtains and a Laura Ashley sofa with big squashy cushions that you can fall into.

Fashions may come and go, but you are going to have your sofa for many years to come, so it is of great importance that you choose exactly the right one. Although you may feel influenced by interior design trends you should bear in mind that what might look good in a showroom or in a picture may not be so comfortable to sit on. Therefore, the first rule of sofa buying is to test your prospective purchases extremely carefully for their comfort rating. Kick off your shoes and try curling up on it to make sure that it supports you. Don’t be embarrassed to try lying down on it. You should even bounce up and down on it to ensure that it is suitably comfortable and fit for purpose.

Obviously you need to check that the dimensions of the sofa are appropriate for the size of your room. Take careful measurements of height, depth and width, as you may be surprised by how deceptive your eyesight can be when calculating how big or small the furniture will appear when in situ. You should also check that the sofa is the right size for your home. Many a customer has had to return a purchase upon discovering that it simply will not fit in the house!

Next, consider how many people are likely to be in your sitting room. If you are single and rarely have friends around, a small sofa will be fine, but for a large family that likes to entertain guests, a corner suite or other type of modular seating may be in order.

Finally, you need to choose your sofa covers. Many designs come with removable covers to ring the changes and allow for laundering. You can choose neutral colours to blend in, perhaps with accent colours for the cushions, or you could opt for a striking colour choice. Don’t forget leather, which can be durable and easy to clean provided that it is kept in good condition. Having made your choice, get ready to sit back and enjoy many happy and relaxing hours with your brand new purchase.

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