It used to be that home theaters were only for the rich and famous people, who had the space and the money to fill their houses with expensive gadgets and the latest electronic toys in dedicated leisure rooms. But all that has changed as exciting advances in technology and design have revolutionized the home entertainment market. Now home theaters are available to suit every budget and designed to fit into any type of room. People are now able to choose from the most compact systems that fit snugly into a small den or “man cave” to more extensive systems that can fill the largest of rooms with a riot of sights and sounds! For every budget and every taste, there’s a whole host of gadgets and gizmos that will create the perfect home theater for you.

To create the best home theater for your space and money there are a few essential ingredients. Firstly you’ll need a TV and a 27 inch screen or larger is recommended for capturing all the detail on screen. Whatever the size of the room, a TV this size is generally easily accommodated. Surround sound adds another dimension to the movie you’re watching, providing a richer, fuller sound than previous technology. Remember how CDs offered a crisper, cleaner sound than old style vinyl records? That’s the same as the difference between a good quality surround sound and older versions.

Dolby Digital is the most commonly used format today and you can create this perfect sound clarity through your speakers, subwoofer and other components. Consider getting some free standing speakers to bring the noise into the heart of the room. If you, your family or friends enjoy playing online games such as World Of Warcraft you’ll find that surround sound magnifies the experience tremendously.

A DVD player is an absolute must and will provide even the smallest of sets with great picture quality. The improved and enhanced version of picture clarity comes from HDTV; High Definition Television. High Definition can make an incredible difference to the picture quality, so colors are crisper and detail is sharper. HDTV is surprisingly affordable for a new technology and is worth investing in as the future lies in this direction.

With a few other components your supplier can advise you about such as cables and receivers, you’ll be ready in no time to enjoy the sights and sounds of your own home theater. Imagine kicking back on your leather sofa watching the Superbowl with friends on your big screen and seeing the intensity in the player’s eyes, or snuggling up with the family as you all become immersed in the movie, thanks to the surround sound that transports you deeper into the film. Home theaters are affordable and available for everyone, so treat yourselves and enjoy a whole new way of living.

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