Finding the time to fit a in a visit to the gym can be difficult for many of us who lead busy lives. Working hours, a long commute and child caring commitments can make it impossible to maintain a regular gym or exercise class schedule. We all know the importance of exercise in our lives. It helps us stay fit, healthy, cope with stress and maintain an ideal weight. If you have trouble finding the time to attend class, the gym or commit to playing on your local sports team then exercising at home could be the ideal solution for you.

Exercising at home does not mean you have to have a substandard workout. On the contrary, you can fit in extremely effective cardiovascular and weight training sessions from the comfort of your own home and at a vastly reduced cost, when compared to gym membership. If you like the teacher, pupil aspect of classes then an exercise DVD could be ideal for you. The market in exercise DVD’s is extensive and there are so many options out there including aerobics, step aerobics, boxercise, weight training, yoga and Pilates.

As they are relatively cheap it is easy to build up a collection to keep you interested. It is also an excellent way to try out new types of exercise before committing to a class. If you have the floor space you can enjoy a really tough workout from the comfort if your living room! Exercise DVD’s are perfect for those who like to have instruction and advice on technique.

You can also get creative and create your own circuit. Warm up with a walk or run around the block, you can even take your child with you in the buggy if you need to. When you get home and are sufficiently warmed up you can start a series of toning and resistance exercises. Try push ups, pull ups, chair dips, stomach crunches, squats, lunges and calve raises to help you tone up and build strength. If you are a beginner start with one set of ten to twelve reps of each exercise and build up to two and then three sets performed in a circuit about three times a week. You will soon start to see results!

If you prefer to use equipment and can afford to invest in something like a weights bench, exercise bike or even a treadmill, this is a fantastic way to bring the gym directly to your home! Just be confident you will actually use the equipment and not turn them into clothes horses! Equipment does not have to be expensive. Even a set of dumbbells and a skipping rope can add to an effective workout and certainly won’t break the bank.<br> <br> The great thing about exercising at home is that you can do it anytime that suits you. Keep yourself motivated with some fashionable clothes from Volcom UK, perhaps in that smaller size you intend to get into! Once you have made the initial investment on any equipment you would like, that’s it. There are no monthly membership fees to worry about.

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