Art is one of the reasons human beings are the dominant species we are. We evolved to such a standard that we began to question our existence on this planet. This questioning led to not only some of the greatest scientific discoveries ever made but the greatest works of art. Our aesthetic sensibilities are heightened to such an extent that we decorate the homes we live in. Interior design has now become an important and popular art form and one of the leading styles is minimalism.

Minimalism is a movement that strives to create pieces based on functionality rather than just pure aesthetic merit. From the renaissance up to the 20th century the upper class of society lavished themselves with garish furniture. Minimalism was a reaction to this attitude and was heavenly inspired by Buddhist Zen traditions. A company pioneering minimalist concepts mixed with contemporary fashions trends within interior design are Fashion For Home.

Fashion for Home is the home of various pieces from celebrated designers and artists. Here can be found smart, stylish paintings and furniture to create a modern stylish theme in any room. Not only are Fashion for Home at the cutting edge of interior design, but they are highly affordable and operate under a sustainable business model, seeking to reduce carbon emissions and use of materials that are harmful to the climate. Designers like Logan Komorowski use recycled materials to create products with tons of character, yet still retaining that functional minimalist design. Another celebrated designer who lends pieces to the Fashion For Home website is Giancarlo Vegni. He is well known in Italy for his contributions to furniture and interior design.

Being the home of such great designers, Fashion For Home is a company well worth checking out. Visit their website at to check out their products.

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