It is good when people listen. That’s what has happened in the industry that makes and supplies furniture for the elderly and those with disabilities and mobility issues. A huge wealth of feedback from healthcare professionals and consumers, coupled with knowledge and analysis of the mobility market, has been taken on board. The result is a broad array of affordable, comfortable and secure rise and recliner chairs for the elderly, which are available in multiple forms and with multiple features.

From soft chenelle to full-grain leather

The chairs which are available can be fitted with a single motor, allowing operation of the back and footrest simultaneously, or a dual motor for independent function of each. Choose from a variety of fabrics, all of which are steeped in quality, hard-wearing and comfortable, including anti-fungal and waterproof fabrics, luxurious chenelles and full-grain leathers. All chairs have undergone rigorous testing and are designed to withstand years of continuous use, but there is a 24-month warranty attached to them, which serves to offer more peace of mind to customers. An engineer will be sent out immediately in the unlikely event that a chair stops working. There is also the handy option of a matching two or three-seater sofa, and a whole host of extras, like head cushions, heat and massage features, removable arms and extra pockets for magazines and books.

Safety for pets

Some people’s chief concern when it comes to recliner chairs is their beloved dog or cat getting trapped underneath it. However, some recliner chairs have pet-friendly safety features built into them, such as solid barriers that come down when raising the chair, leaving no gaps for pets to crawl into.

Are you entitled to local authority funding?

For some customers, it is not a case of want or convenience. They need a recliner chair. It may be necessary to help with a medical condition or vital to the maintenance of their independence. If you think you may fit into this category, you should contact your local council or health service, as they may be able to provide funding for you to purchase a recliner chair. Different councils have different rules, though. Some will pay for a rise and recliner chair; others will offer other alternatives or other forms of specialist seating, or advise customers to try other solutions first.

The best thing to do is to call your local council or health service, or visit your doctor, and ask for an assessment on whether you are eligible to receive funding for a recliner chair.

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