Tough times mean tough measures. But when the furniture needs replacing there is no way around it, unless kidding yourself that stains, springs and holes represent a weathered vintage look, appeals to you. Perhaps justifiably, good home furnishings have a pricey rep, but there are simple ways to find quality living room furniture for less.


Swallow your pride, adopt a stern expression and proceed to haggle. The ancient act of negotiating your best price has long been a great way to find a bargain. Do not be shy when approaching the shop assistant; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Depending on the size of your purchase stores may be willing to engage with you. The days of the cash discount may be gone but haggling remains fair game.

Wait for the sales

There is nothing like a Harveys furniture sale to secure a good deal on that elegant recliner you’ve had your eyes on. In many areas of retail you are bound by the constraints of autumn and summer sales, but not with furniture. Stay alert and bank holiday sales, summer meltdowns and warming winter deals will enable you to get a head start on the competition.

Know what you want

When you undertake your weekly grocery shop without a list, you know that you’re asking for trouble. Instead of the essentials you return with spreadable marshmallow, gourmet olives and lots of cheese.

The same rule applies to the rest of the home. Have a picture of what you want in your head or on paper and go after it. Otherwise the art of the up sell could see you leave a store with wall to wall corner sofas when all you wanted was a refined leather couch. And there won’t even be cheese to soften the blow.

Buy online

Online retailers are a perfect place to look for furniture bargains and sales. Often online exclusives will offer discounts, one offs and clearance stock that stores might not. These days you can even find retailers like Harveys Furniture on YouTube, so you can shop for styles and learn about the products from the comfort of your own home.

Shop around for the best price

When buying furniture it is safe to assume that most people will have done their research. However, shopping around independent high-street stores as well as the large furniture retailers can reveal surprisingly different price results. Check and then double check that you’re getting the best price. And then check again.

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