Childcare is when children are supervised and cared for by a person outside of their family group. Parents who have a full time job or need support can get this from seeking childcare, to balance any stress the family may be feeling. Foster homes are a household where a minor can be placed to receive the loving and care they need that they may not have gotten before. Foster homes […]

The following article has been provided by RUComfy; a leading manufacturer and online retailer of beanbags, whose objective is to simply make people more comfortable and transform contemporary living. Children’s bedrooms need regular make-overs as the child grows and develops. It can be sad to see yesterday’s best-loved characters rejected and stripped away in favour of more ‘grown-up’ characters and themes, but let us be honest, you do not really […]

The younger generation have it tough these days. It’s hard enough getting a job let alone buying a small house or flat. Monies are tight and it’s a catch 22; people rent because they can’t afford to buy but with extortionate rental fees they struggle to save for a big deposit. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, has claimed that the UK housing market is recovering. So with […]

If you’ve been at all dissatisfied with your bedroom during 2013, the New Year is an excellent occasion to put matters right. Here are 14 ideas to help you redesign your bedroom during 2014. 1. Basic bedroom furniture When you’ve been tossing and turning on the same bed and mattress for years, now’s the time to look at the options offered by modern bedroom furniture and invest in a new […]

Do you get a lot of overnight guests? How much notice are you generally given? Are you always in a rush to get the spare room set up? Well, with just a few simple changes to the furniture and accessories in your extra room, you can create a guest room that will please the fussiest friend or the pickiest family member. The first thing to consider is, of course, the […]

2 incredible things have just coincided, the summer solstice, marking the longest day of the year, and the super moon. Even though the weather has been dreadful, fortunately I didn’t need to put on my raincoat and jumper and brave the elements to take a peak. Having recently converted the loft in my home, I opted for VELUX® windows to let the sun “shine” (all 2 days of the year […]

All children know that there’s nothing much better than a bedtime story and a cuddle with mom or dad at the end of the day. Making sure your kid’s bedroom is a special place for them to spend the night is always a top priority, with carefully chosen curtains and bed linen a fantastic way of enabling them to go to sleep with their favourite cartoon characters or storybook heroes. […]

For many homeowners aged 55 or over, the question of financing the future often weighs heavily on their minds. Many homeowners of this generation have much of their wealth tied up in their homes, rather than in cash or other more liquid assets, as houses have grown greatly in price over the past few decades. Some will look up more about age partnership and equity release online and others will […]

Art is one of the reasons human beings are the dominant species we are. We evolved to such a standard that we began to question our existence on this planet. This questioning led to not only some of the greatest scientific discoveries ever made but the greatest works of art. Our aesthetic sensibilities are heightened to such an extent that we decorate the homes we live in. Interior design has […]

Doors are the hallmarks of any home and they set the style of the external and internal decor. Of course, they also keep out the weather and are an important element in home security. It’s important to choose doors carefully and fit them properly as they are the first impression anyone has of the house. When you try out these internal doors you will know at once if you have […]