No, we’re not talking about keeping the husband-to-be off the ‘milk and honey’ or avoiding anything spilling onto and staining the beautiful wedding dress. Neither are we saying the two protagonists should be kept locked away in case they get cold feet and run away. Okay, so I am joking a little here, so please do not take it too seriously.

Talking seriously, the best way to make sure your wedding runs smoothly on the day is to place the organisation into the hands of a professional wedding coordinator. There are so many things to organise for such a momentous occasion in the lives of two people, it is easy for the uninitiated to get things wrong or forget to arrange or order something for the big day.

What did I forget?

Couples often talk after their big day is over, according to an article in the Telegraph, about how smoothly it all went. They also point out that some of the things which happened very nearly didn’t and were last minute thoughts which they managed to include on the day.

We often hear jokes and anecdotes about the rings not being collected because each of the protagonists assumed the other would take care of collecting them. Then again there is organising flowers, table placement settings, decoration and other elements of the wedding ceremony or civil partnership, such as the wedding breakfast, evening reception organisation, rooms and places for the guests to stay in and more besides.

Believe me, it is no laughing matter when it suddenly dawns that an essential and crucial element of the day is missing for want of good organising. It is also a fact that photographers have failed to show up because an initial booking wasn’t confirmed or deposits paid.

These things happen but they do not have to, especially if you choose to have the wedding organiser at do all the hard work for you. You can rest assured safe in the knowledge that everything you want is catered for. From a standard package to a fully bespoke day, your wedding will be organised down to the finest detail.

You do not need the budget of an A list celebrity or that of a tacky reality TV ‘star’ to make your dream wedding a reality.

To find out more about how a wedding coordinator can turn your day into a truly magical day, make the call today and start preparing, with their help, for one of the most memorable days of your life.


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