One of the looks of the Spring season that I see as a must have is being touted as Modern Romance. What precisely does that entail? Glad you asked. It takes the classic feminine details such as lace, ruffles and peplums and combines them with more dramatic styles in one garment. The favoured dramatic styles being geometric and body skimming.

Now that you’ve got a picture in your mind of the things listed that you like you can build from there. Create a whole outfit by accessorizing these modern romantic garments with understated pieces. Belts are skinny and relatively plain. Nails should be pale, or clear and matching toes with fingers is optimal. In this instance the clothes are the feature, so the make up is dainty and demure. Remember though a great red lip can be considered understated if blotted repeatedly and matte. So you don’t have to feel washed out on top, much less all over. This is not an attempt to get approval from your dowdy aunt, or straight laced grandmother. It’s to catch the eye of a chap, and one preferably interested in a modern romance of his own.

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