I hosted a girly Oscars party this year, with the attire being maxi dress and killer accessories. I wanted my friends to dress to the nines, but be as comfortable as they were beautiful. And, whilst I shouldn’t really say, I think the clothes I picked out looked the best…

There is a good reason the maxi dress took us by storm a few seasons ago and is still going strong now. We ladies live to to get dolled up, and adore feeling comfy, but to be able to do both simultaneously is like a miracle to us. So when this look hit the catwalk and then sashayed into town, it was love at first sight. And that’s why I knew it was the perfect garb for my little shindig. I thought it only appropriate that we actually look good, if we were going to spend the evening critiquing and commenting on celebrity’s wardrobe choices.

Once my guests arrived, and were situated within viewing distance of my television, the real show began. For these televised awards ceremonies provide us with a heads up on what is to come in fashion for the rest of us. When the actresses float down the red carpet and pose for the paparazzi it is there and then that we get our fashion ideas for the months (and often seasons) ahead. We of course could not agree on every outfit displayed on my screen, but there are always those that are universally recognized as showstoppers, and showfloppers. All of us had a great time, and are already talking about next year. If you did not watch the Oscars, the one thing you need to know is this, black velvet dresses are going to be everywhere faster than you can name all of Angelina Jolie’s kids.

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