The housing market needed a bit of help to get going. There was no problem in London with foreign investors happy to use their assets to snap up high value property knowing that prices would rise again. For the ordinary home owner or someone wishing to buy, there was little correlation between that investment and their own circumstances. What did get the market moving from the bottom upwards was the […]

No, we’re not talking about keeping the husband-to-be off the ‘milk and honey’ or avoiding anything spilling onto and staining the beautiful wedding dress. Neither are we saying the two protagonists should be kept locked away in case they get cold feet and run away. Okay, so I am joking a little here, so please do not take it too seriously. Talking seriously, the best way to make sure your […]

It goes without saying that managers are busy people. They have to run their businesses in an increasingly difficult economic environment that insists on changing nearly every day. The extraordinary boom in technological advancement that the world has seen over the last few decades is having a profound effect on businesses and the economy. Businesses have to keep up, which means those who manage them have to keep up. Balancing […]

The founding of Motability in the UK in 1977 brought about monumental change to the way disabled people lived their lives. Getting to work, going shopping, visiting friends, going to the doctors, giving family members lifts and going on holiday suddenly became much easier. The scheme, established in 1977 by Lord Sterling of Plaistow and Lord Goodman, is still going strong today. The late Lord Goodman described its founding as […]

It is good when people listen. That’s what has happened in the industry that makes and supplies furniture for the elderly and those with disabilities and mobility issues. A huge wealth of feedback from healthcare professionals and consumers, coupled with knowledge and analysis of the mobility market, has been taken on board. The result is a broad array of affordable, comfortable and secure rise and recliner chairs for the elderly, […]

Bills are not cheap. Rather, the price of utilities seems to be rising controversially every day; this includes the price of water. We may not be able to do anything about this directly, but our unusually high water bill may not necessarily be the result of higher prices. It may be our own doing… How long has that tap been dripping? And no matter how hard you turn it, the […]

The refurbishment of an office is a matter that should not be undertaken lightly. Indeed, common mistakes can be avoided if a little time is spent on reviewing the solutions that are most suited to the office in question. Moreover, although aesthetic design is an important factor to some extent, an office refurbishment must be planned with the primary view to create a working space that is ergonomic, practical, efficient […]

One of the real pleasures of life is to travel to exotic places. Travel provides you with memories long after you have returned home.  While the pictures you may retain in your mind may be vivid it is always good to have a photographic reminder of the things you have seen. You may also like to paint some of your favourites.  You may even go further; you may actually travel […]

Bayerische Motoren Werke, or “Bavarian Motor Works”, is a German producer of performance and high-end cars and motorbikes. The world knows the company more widely as BMW, and the company’s motto “Sheer Driving Pleasure”, reflects the BMW outlook on motoring. The company was created in 1916, and they soon had to stop production of aircraft engines under the terms of Versailles. From then on they focussed on motorcycles and cars. […]

We all have plenty of fond memories of school. And one great way to relive these memories is by receiving a memento – a keepsake, if you will, that will remind us of the ‘good old days’. If you have been assigned to look for the ideal souvenir for school leavers hoodies, then you should know how to choose the best one for your school’s needs. Being in charge of […]